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ZABTech Objectives

  • To train fresh graduates for the professional needs of I.T Industry and Corporate Sector.
  • To facilitate graduates/undergraduates in learning Computer, Marketing, Management and Finance Skills required working in the corporate sector.
  • To help fresh graduates in establishing and managing Small and Medium-size Enterprises.
  • To help the trainees in Communication and Presentation Skills.
  • To train graduates for new avenues in Farm Management Sector.
  • To help professionally trained graduates to find jobs and provide career counseling.
  • To guide the young generation in career making capabilities and skills.
  • To decrease joblessness through skill based teaching and friendly environment.
  • To provide top qualitative education and useful training to the youth and employed persons via expert facilitators.
  • To educate the masses with computer based, modern and technically sound education and shape them distinct, exemplary and role models.